Flourish & Jots


I initially created this LJ so that I could play in my own Potterverse sandbox. But I am much more than just an HP obsessive fan. So instead of having all my interests spread over the internet, I guessed it would make sense to merge everything here.

More recently though, my LJ has become my diary as I tend to lose the books that I scribble my thoughts and daily occurances in. (They just add to the weight when packing for intercontinental trips too...)

My likes in general

I am a lover of the heroes quest. From tales of Robin Hood to Harry Potter, D'Artagnan to Goku or Gohan. Sometimes though, the anti-heroes quest is just as catching. Elphaba in Wicked comes to mind here. I guess that the result at the end of the day is that I like a good story with great characters.

My side of the Harry fandom:

Although I have very rarely dabbled in writing fan fiction, mostly I beta-read for others. When inspiration strikes, I enjoy doing some fan art, or making the odd music video ('odd', perhaps being the better word.) Oh, and I am crazy about theorising.

Fandom Preferences: Harry. I am completely Harry-centric. As to pairings, Harry/Ginny is my OTP, with Harry/Tonks as an enjoyable side dish to add a bit of variety. So long as Harry ends up happy, I am happy. Which leads me to my next point - DEAD!HARRY is NOT an option.


I am also absolutely crazy about music. I have been playing the piano for *gulps* 28 years. It is a hobby, a release and something I wish I could do more of since I am often away from home. I am learning the guitar (because I haven't figured out how to fit my piano in my backpack).


Never had an art lesson in my life. But I absolutely love drawing. A simple graphite pencil and a blank piece of paper (and an eraser) and I am happy. There is just something about shadows that really appeal to me. These days I seem to have been hooked on charcoal though, and slowly but surely I am tentatively moving into pastels and oils. But working in shadows (meaning shades of black and grey) is really where my heart is.


ETA: As I am going to be teaching in a very short space of time, I am going to have to keep a tighter lock on what I allow out into the public. I can't afford to have some snotty-nosed brat find something that I don't want him/her to see.

As to a bit about me, I am single, in my very late twenties - dang, I've hit 30 now, and in the process of working my way around the world. At present, I am in (country)South Korea The UK South Africa South Korea - AGAIN! South Africa - AGAIN, (town) Uijeongbu London Cape Town Port Elizabeth Grahamstown Port Elizabeth Siheung-si Port Elizabeth.

My friending policy

Most of this journal is f-locked. Things that are not of a personal nature, such as sketches and writings etc. won't be. My only friending policy is that I will not friend minors. (err… sorry ‘bout that.) The default for my journal has been set to 'might contain adult content' because I am an adult.
WARNING: The is likely to be a certain amount of swearing in this journal too. As swearing is all over the tv, I am not bothering to censor for that. It's not like this journal is a remake of the F-word anyway.


Quick link to all my fanfic, fanart, fanvids and anything else fannish that is creative.

To my Dreamwidth" account.